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5 Best Books for Reasoning –

Hey guys, are you looking for the best book for reasoning for competitive exams ? Then this blog is totally for you.

If you are an aspirant and want to crack any of the competitions or you are preparing for private companies then reasoning is the one of the major sections in any competitive exams. Before preparing the first step, you should choose a righteous book for preparation, so that you can increase your score in the reasoning section easily. So, your first step is to find those books that have been written according to the exam pattern.

Do you know why choosing a righteous book is the crucial step?

Reasoning is one of the main sections in many of the competitive exams like Bank PO, SSC, UPSC, CAT, and many others. It contains a wide range of topics such as verbal ability, general intelligence, logical ability, non-verbal ability, etc. Mental ability and mixed reasoning are also the other topics that are asked in competitive exams.If you know the techniques on how to solve these types of questions then you can solve these in seconds.  

Now, the question is how to learn these techniques?  I have collected some best books for reasoning, from where you can learn all the tips and tricks to solve big queries in seconds. 

Best book for Reasoning

1. A modern Approach to verbal and no-verbal Reasoning

A modern approach to verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning is the best book for reasoning in which you will learn all the rules and techniques to solve the questions quickly. This is the best book for reasoning  for all competitive exams like Banking, SSC, UPSC, CGL, MAT, CAT, MBA, LIC< Railway, etc.  Mostly all types of questions are given in this book and it covers topics including logical diagrams, series, sequence, general mental ability, blood relations, coding-decoding, puzzle, logical deduction, statement-arguments, cause and effect, etc. All questions are given in this with illustrations for better understanding. 

Key Features :

  • All important topics related to non-verbal and verbal reasoning are covered. 
  • All the contents are given according to the latest job ecam pattern.
  • Important tips and tricks are given for solving any question easily. 
  • Previous years questions are also covered in this book.
  • Illustrations are given with proper explanations.
  • This is the best book for reasoning for all competitive exams like SSC, UPSC, SSC CGL, LIC AAO, Railway, MBA, hotel management, etc.

2.Analytical Reasoning

Best book for Reasoning

Analytical Reasoning is the best book for reasoning and it is written by M.P. Pandey and published by BSC Publishing Co. Pvt. Ltd.  This book is the best resource from which you can scale up your logical reasoning skills. It is designed for logical reasoning for competitive examinations. All types of topics are covered  including coding-decoding, data sufficiency, decision making, relationship, etc. are given in a simple language. This book is divided into two parts named as Reasoning based on Rules and Reasoning based on Logic. 

You will get a lot of content related to analytical reasoning. This book provides theoretical knowledge to improve your problem solving skills with proper illustrations, discussions, questions, and answers.

Key Features :

  • This book has two parts: Rules Based Reasoning and Logical based Reasoning.
  • Theoretical knowledge is given with proper illustrations.
  • Tips and Tricks are given to solve long queries in less time.
  • Questions are given according to the latest job exam pattern.
  • This is the best reasoning book for all competitive exams.
  • Every chapter is given with proper description, questions, and answers.

3. Test of Reasoning for competitive exams

Best book for Reasoning

This is an amazing book for learning and practicing the techniques for all competitive examinations such as UPSC, MBA, Bankin, Railway, PSC, SSC, etc. It covers all the most important topics of non-verbal reasoning, analytical reasoning,diagrammatic problems, and mental ability. 

This book is specifically designed for competitive exams in which you get all the previous years questions, illustrations with proper descriptions, for learning the basic and advanced rules for solving difficult questions and easy questions as well. 

Key Features:

  • This book covers all the topics of Reasoning.
  • You will get all types of questions from easy to difficult level.
  • All previous years questions are given with proper explanation.
  • Mobile based material also given for practicing.
  • Best Reasoning book for all competitive exams like Bank PO, SSC, UPSC, IBPS, Railway, SSC CGl, etc.

4. A new approach to Reasoning  Verbal, Non-verbal, and Analytical

This reasoning book covers all the three types of reasoning like verbal, non-verbal , and analytical.Questions asked in competitive exams from these three types of reasoning. If you want to choose a single book to cover all the reasoning stuff then this is the perfect solution for you. With the help of this book, you can learn and practice all types of questions. All major topics are covered in this book such as syllogism, coding-decoding, Figures, statements and arguments, etc. 

Different level exercises are given for more practice and the level of exercises varies from easy to difficult level.

Key Features:

  • It covers all the three types of Reasoning like Analytical Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, and Verbal Reasoning.
  • Different leveled exercises are given for practice.
  • Detailed solutions are given with exercise.
  • It is sufficient for all competitive examinations like Bank, SSC, IBPS, LIC, NTPC, and many others.

5. Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning

Best book for all competitive exams

If you want to know how to prepare for Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning then this is the perfect place for learning and practicing the tips, tricks, and techniques. Plenty of questions are given related to data Interpretation  and Logical Reasoning. If you will solve all types of questions then your problem solving skills will be enhanced.  In exams, you can solve data interpretation questions in 1-2 minutes. 

It is also good for logical reasoning and covers all the topics and exercises with answers. So that you can match your answer after solving the queries. 

Key Features:

  • It is designed according to the latest pattern.
  • All types of questions are covered
  • Solutions are given to the exercises.
  • Best Reasoning book for CAT and other competitive exams as well.
  • Mocks tests are also given to check the performance level.
  • This book is all set to CAT.
  • It helps you to improve your skills.

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