Affiliate marketing mistakes

7 mistakes of Affiliate Marketing

Hello all. Hope you all are awesome. If you are here on this webpage then definitely you have listened somewhere about affiliate marketing. And you are also curious to know what affiliate marketing is? Because many people are making a lot of money by doing affiliate marketing. And you can also earn. But to make money online is not an easy task, you have to do continuous hard work, patience, as well.

In the journey of affiliate marketing, many people come with lots of zeal and enthusiasm and start doing work but after a few days or months, they quit. Why did they quit? Because they just want to earn money from affiliate marketing without getting proper knowledge. In affiliate marketing, you have to understand all the tricks and techniques. So that you can give a kick to your career. Many unsuccessful people make several mistakes. Today, I am going to discuss with you 7 mistakes of affiliate marketing.

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  1. Give priority to selling instead of helping

There are multiple ways of doing affiliate marketing such as Blogging, YouTube, as well. You can choose the platform according to you. If you have good presentation skills then you start making YouTube videos or you are a good content writer then you can start your blog after choosing a niche according to your interest. By doing this, you can give your best.

But whatever the platform you choose. Your quality content matters. The intention of affiliate marketers is to increase sales. Yeah, it should be your priority but after giving a solution to your customer’s problem. If you are writing a blog about a particular product then write according to the perspective of customers and don’t place product banners everywhere.

If you give quality content to your customers. If they are satisfied with your views then they will definitely go for purchasing. Keep one thing in your mind, don’t give low-quality content because no sales generate and your efforts can also be wasted.

  1. Publishing low quality content

In affiliate marketing, quality content matters the most and in fact, in every field quality is must be. If you are publishing low-quality blogs on your website then users will click on affiliate links. If you are thinking that a mediocre post will give you the result then you are wrong. And one most important thing is Google doesn’t rank low quality posts.

If you want to rank your blog in the search results then give high quality content on your blog post and also observe the competitors website like how many images they are using in their blog, how many backlinks they have taken, and many more. You can use Mozbar and keyword surfer to check out the length of the blogs and backlinks.

  1. Ignoring Site Speed

Do you know that users are impatient. If your site is taking more time to load then users quit your website and will open another one. So, keep this in mind. You can check your website on this website “” from where you will know the cause of slowing down your website.

If you are running your website on wordpress then you use some plugins to increase the loading speed of your website such as WP Rocket, Tiny PNG, as well.

  1. Neglecting Readability of content

Readability is also one of the factors that can affect your site. Nowadays, users have a low tolerance span. Avoid using hard language in your blogs because if your blog will be confusing or difficult to understand then people will leave your site. There are some other things that also matter like font, size, text color, etc.

Don’t use long sentences and even long paragraphs. Always write short paragraphs containing short sentences. So that user can read easily.

  1. Not having a good knowledge of product

This is the biggest mistake done by many affiliate marketers, they just have the passion to earn money. But keep one thing in your mind. Without having proper knowledge of products you can not earn money.

In starting, you don’t have proper knowledge about any product. Just start investing time in taking proper knowledge of products you are selling. Because if you don’t have enough knowledge about any product then how can you present it to your audience?

Nowadays, nobody’s fool. So, always write quality blogs. There are some popular platforms from which you can get knowledge about your products such as Reddit, Quora, and subscribe to Google alerts. In this way, you will be up-to-date.

  1. Ignoring SEO Basics

If you are publishing a post without doing its SEO then your post will not be meaningful. Certain things come under SEO like blog length, meta description, title tags, images, short paragraphs, short sentences, as well. If you publish your post according to SEO then Google will crawl your post and users will definitely click on your website.

If your website is on wordpress then install plugins for doing SEO like Yoast SEO, AISEO, etc. These plugins will tell you your SEO score. Do internal linking and external linking in your post because external linking increases the credibility of your blog.

  1. Not utilizing Evergreen Content

Are you aware of evergreen content. Evergreen content will give you the results for a long period of time. Whenever you publish a post, add 2022 o or whatever the year at the end of the title of the blog post. If you don’t do this then you will benefit from your posts for a long period of time. Update your post regularly. Many people don’t know this thing but many successful people know this.


Hey guys, today I have discussed with you the top 7 mistakes of affiliate marketing and I am damn sure you will know some of the valuable tips and tricks of affiliate marketing. Avoid making these mistakes. Now, you can start your career, my best wishes are with you. If this blog helped you then share your reviews in the comment section.

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