Instagram Affiliate Marketing

A complete Guide to Instagram Affiliate Marketing for Beginners 2022

Hey guys, do you use social media? You are thinking about which type of question I am asking. Right? Nowadays, mostly people using social media and Instagram are trending more among other social medias. Many of us spend a lot of time scrolling down reels on Instagram but we get nothing by doing it. Do you know that many people are earning a lot of money by using Instagram. If you also want to utilize your time then you can also learn Instagram Affiliate Marketing.

In this article, I am going to discuss with you what Instagram affiliate marketing is? And some other related queries such as How Instagram is useful for you? How can you increase your followers? And many more.

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What is Instagram affiliate marketing?

Instagram affiliate marketing means doing affiliate marketing by using Instagram. Billions of users have Instagram accounts and millions of users check their instagram account daily. I also check my account multiple times in a day. 

Instagram is a platform that gives an opportunity to its users to engage with products or services on a more personal level than conventional methods such as Newspapers, TVs, etc. 

Here on Instagram, you can like, comment, share, and watch videos of products. Due to this, Instagram is the best platform for affiliate marketing. 

As you all know, during the pandemic, many offline ventures converted into online and they gained high reach on their company profile. During the pandemic, people used to be active online for multiple hours in a day.

What does it mean for you?

A celebrity has more reach on Instagram and they charge lakhs of rupees per post. They can earn easily. But we all are not celebrities and also don’t have a millions of reach on Instagram. But don’t worry, you don’t need to become a celebrity. In this article, you will know how micro influencers can earn through Instagram affiliate marketing. Because micro influencers choose affiliate marketing for promoting products or services and they have approx. 5K followers or more. They have less number of followers but engaged audience. 

Multiple brands prefer to partner with  micro influencers because of an engaged audience. One most important point is that you can make a better or personal connection with 10-12K followers than 1 million followers. 

Micro influencers promote affiliate products through their profile and their following buy products or services. It is not necessary to promote other ventures’ products. If you have your own products or services then you can also promote your own services via your Instagram profile and can generate revenue. 

1. How you can build your Instagram following

Instagram Affiliate Marketing
Instagram Affiliate Marketing

If you want to know how to increase followers on Instagram then you are at the right place.

Choose a niche: Choosing a niche is the first step of your Instagram affiliate marketing journey. Don’t make excuses that you can not do it. If you don’t know anything about Instagram then it’s not a big deal to learn about. There are thousands of blogs available over the internet that post articles about Instagram affiliate marketing and you can also watch some YouTube videos for learning the strategies of Instagram. 

Choose a niche that suits you. You can choose things such as health and fitness, motivation, beauty, make up, books, gadgets, clothing, etc. 

Quality Content: Making quality content is the main aspect of any business. In the beginning, you are not able to make an attractive post but it doesn’t mean you can not make a perfect post. 

Install 1-2 designing apps from playstore like Canava, Picsart, etc. Using these apps, you can make a beautiful post. 

Start posting quality content on your profile and use all Instagram features like story, IGTV video, reels, hashtags, live, etc. 

Be active in your niche: Stay active in your niche and always post content related to your niche. Start interacting with your audience by replying to comments, direct messages, and on stories. You can also interact with other micro influencers that have the same niche. 

Start using hashtags: Are you thinking, hashtags help in gaining reach? Yes, you are listening right. Hashtags have their own importance. Whenever you post your content then write some hashtags in the description that are related to your content. Don’t use other niche hashtags. With the help of hashtags, someone can easily find you on Instagram. 

Instagram Affiliate Marketing
Instagram Affiliate Marketing

Don’t buy followers: Don’t buy followers because you don’t get any benefit from them. These are the fake followers or you can say bots. Bots can not engage like people can and bots never get any products or services from you. These are just shown on your profile. And one more thing, companies will not be willing to work with you because you don’t have an engaged audience. Companies willing to work with those micro influencers that have a highly engaged community because engaged audiences can buy products or services from you. 

Run sponsored posts: This step can increase your visibility and followers. This step will be paid. You can run sponsored posts then your posts will appear in the users field. In starting, invest a low amount. When results will be shown then you invest more. 

Buy Instagram shoutouts: By this step, you can gain more reach in a short period of time. Find some Instagrammers who have high reach in your niche and ask them for a shoutout. The amount will vary according to the reach of an Instagrammer that you have chosen. 

2. Join an affiliate program

If you have completed your first step then you are welcome to the second step. Find top 10 affiliate programs and join one of those according to your niche. Don’t select products other than your niche.. 

Instagram Affiliate Marketing
Instagram Affiliate Marketing

On Instagram, it is very difficult to see a link for making a purchase. There are multiple places where you can put your affiliate links, you can put your link in bio. But if you want to share multiple products then this technique will not work. Yes, you can put your website link in your bio. So that anyone can access all your products whatever you are promoting. You can add a link in your story but this feature will be available to you after reaching 10K. 

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  3. Hi, Good day. This is a perfect guide for any beginner in the world of Affiliate marketing on Instagram. It can often be super confusing when you are new to Affiliate marketing on Instagram and you may not be aware of how to go about things. This article is great as it talks about the various factors that can make Affiliate marketing on Instagram is good. I agree with every single point that has been mentioned above.

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