Affiliate Marketing Success Stories

Hey wonderful people, hope you all are tremendous. And Of course, if you are here then surely you are looking for Affiliate Marketing Success stories. Maybe you are reading this because you want to make a career in affiliate marketing or you are a working professional as an affiliate marketer and you are here to know the tips and tricks that successful people have done in their successful journey, what are the circumstances they faced, and what were the mistakes they have done in journey. And maybe you are reading this blog just to know who are the top affiliate marketers in the world for self awareness. This is awesome and I am too glad to know this.

You have landed on a perfect webpage. In this blog, I am going to share with you the most precious successful journey of top affiliate marketers. Before diving into this topic you must know what affiliate marketing is?  If you don’t know then I have written a detailed article “ Affiliate Marketing for Beginners”, read this article for better understanding.

Affiliate marketing success stories

1. Darren Rowse

Darren Browse is the founder of  Affiliate Marketers comes on this site and tests multiple methods to know what is the best way to earn money online. He is a famous affiliate marketer. He joined the Amazon affiliate marketing program and promotes amazon products and he has made more than £550,000 so far. He is one of the fastest growing executives in affiliate marketing and his successful story also inspires newbies as well. 

2. David Sandy

He is a Digital Marketer and he created his own website by the name of david and earned his first income “$1000” with SEO. But before doing this he didn’t have any knowledge about blogging and SEO. He tooks several months and discovered blogging and affiliate marketing. He didn’t have previous writing experience. He didn’t take any online classes for SEO or blogging. He just wrote articles for the world. When someone starts a new thing then everyone has self doubt in themselves.

He worked hard continuously for 6 months  and after that he earned his first income i.e. $1000 from organic traffic that comes from Google. His revenue was increasing gradually day by day.

He kept his distractions aside and always focused on his work by taking regular actions, assisting others, and sharing his own findings.  Atlast the result was mind-blowing.

3. Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn is a most known person and known by different titles such as business coach, blogger, affiliate marketer, author, podcaster, and  blogger.Most probably you have heard about these books “Will it Fly” and “Let Go”. These are the books written by him and also produced many products. He earned money from his products and affiliate marketing. Making money helping others is the most ethical way.

4. Krish Steven

He is a Blogger and created his own website “”. He spent nearly a year with no success. After that he started his journey in affiliate marketing in the mid of 2018. He also spent 6 months in the affiliate marketing industry and after that he earned his first commission of $4.5 by promoting a social media software through affiliate link. I was also struggling with improving my SEO and copywriting abilities and getting good results from this was very difficult. 

He made up his mind to make click funnels at the end of 2018. He observed that every successful person has software and he thought,  why can’t I do it? He started investing everything in and focussed on producing content based on advertising clock funnels. That was the time when everything went right.

Since then, his earning started and sometimes had a good month with $3000 and a bad month with a few 100s. But discover such a beautiful thing in his journey that how little efforts he puts in, it never goes to waste. Although, results take time to come.

He produced good content for his blog and didn’t consider himself as a good video creator. And he personally advised that if you are a good video creator and not a good writer then don’t force yourself, just start assisting others by making video material. Because if you are uncomfortable with anything then there will never be good results. Keep in mind, In business people work to provide solutions to the issues. If you are able to help others in their difficult times then making money online will be easy for you.

5. Chris Fong

His success story is the biggest inspiration for others because he received the “ClickFunnels Dream Car Award”. This award is given to those who have more than 100 active clickfunnels affiliates.  His blog name is It was not easy for him. He struggled for a few years and after that he achieved success with his blog. 

Although the traffic was coming to his blog “clickfunnels review post” , he was unable to convert at all. After that these two factors worked for him. He participated in several clickfunnels group and started interacting with them and made.connections This thing helped him in learning where he should have to invest his precious time.

The second thing helped that was clickfunnels bonus packages that was created by him.  And this is possible due to the first thing. This is true in the case of casefunnels because it is a big investment for may people. He has created a beneficial and valuable clickfunnels that encourage peoples to test them and using that particular thing for a long period of time.

He spent too much time searching for what worked for him. Whenever he found the right thing that was working for him then after many affiliates under him that began to rise. Bonuses always work. Please do include bonuses with every affiliate you promote. Therefore, make sure that which bonuses you are offering are somehow related to the core product. Provide valuable offers to your lovely customers or users.

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