Digital Marketing courses by Google

Digital Marketing course by Google

Hello people, I hope you all are awesome and if you are looking at it on this web page then definitely you are curious to get the knowledge about digital marketing course. No worries at all, you have landed on a perfect blog. Maybe you are a college student, professional, housewife and searching for information about digital marketing courses. You are looking for this course because you want to learn digital marketing or make your career in this field. And the most important thing is that many people look for a course that is available on the internet for free and simultaneously that course is also qualitative.

In simple words, people want quality courses for free. So that they can avail of these free digital marketing courses without paying anything. If you are a person who is looking for a quality course that is available for free then in this article i am going to share with you the best quality digital marketing courses that are available on the internet for free. The course is not only Digital Marketing, it has some variations like Introduction to Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Paid Advertising to Social Media, Google Analytics, Google Ads, and many more.

Now, the question is who is providing worthy digital marketing. Do you know that? If yes then it is awesome and good. If you don’t know then I am going to tell you that Google is providing a high quality digital marketing course to guide marketing professionals, college students to make them learn digital marketing strategies, practices, channels and help them to optimize their Google campaigns.

Quicks steps to take digital marketing course:

  • Firstly, open and visit and then click on the button join as a Google partner.
  • If you didn’t sign in to your Google account then sign in immediately.
  • After that you can click the checkbox if you want to get emails from partners.
  • Accept all terms and conditions.
  • Lastly, click on certifications from the left side menu and click on the exam button to get started. Give your exam and earn your certificate.

If you attend Google digital marketing course then all the fundamentals of digital marketing course will be crystal clear to you.

Categories of Digital Marketing Course:

  1. Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • There are twenty three topics in the digital marketing course. Do check all insights and quizzes and finally take an exam and get a certificate after clearing the exam.
  • This course is for those people who want to ge certificat and make their CVs impressive.
  • Digital unlocked DM also helps you to understand practical aspects of learning and how you can implement and give the ways how you can check your knowledge.
  • In the Primer app, you will get a short video of 5 min in which you will get an idea how to start a business, run a website, SEO, and online ads.
  1. Adwords Fundamental Course

Digital Advertising gives you an amazing opportunity to focus on your target audience and strain through those you don’t need. You can use different advertising techniques to reach your potential customers at the time while they are hunting for your items.

a).Adwords Exam Study Guide

This Guide is made for those people who want to prepare for the Adwords exam. It contains useful information about several advertising techniques like Internet Advertising, Adwords, Web-Based Advertising, and how to run Adword campaigns.

b). Google Academy for Ads

It helps you in finding out the best Google’s Advertising products and gives you the skills that will help you in succeeding. You should have to take each course of digital marketing and do all the assignments and receive an achievement that you can display on your profile.

c). Guide to AdWords Success

A series of helpers that supports you in planning of marketing your products and how you can achieve your target audience and monitor the ways how you can enhance results through AdWords campaigns.

  1. Search Advertising Course

Advertisements that display on the Google Search Network help publishers to contact individuals by using target keywords. This ultimate course of advertising helps students to get a better understanding of advertising techniques, practices, and you can get ready yourself for a Search Advertising Exam.

  1. Display Advertising Course

This amazing advertising technique helps you to contact individuals when they are landing on their favorite websites. Watching their favorite YouTube video, Checking their gmail inbox, and accessing their mobile applications and websites.

This digital marketing course covers all the types of Ads and you can learn how to utilize different techniques of Ads and how to execute ad Ads complain. And the most important thing, with the help of this course you can clear your Ads exam easily.

  1. Mobile Advertising Course

In this module, you will know the importance of developing smartphones and also learn mobile advertising. You will know what are mobile advertising techniques and how to run a campaign for mobile advertising, and as well. After completing this course, take an exam then clear and receive a certificate.

  1. Video advertising Course

I personally recommend you to attend all the modules of the video marketing course. This course is very powerful. Through this only course you can reach your business from lower level to the upper level. But the thing is that you have a thorough knowledge of video marketing. As you know that in today’s time people want to get knowledge through videos because they just have to listen. So take this course and utilize the advantages of ideo advertising courses and learn how to run campaigns for videos. I am damn sure this technique will give a boost to your revenue.

  1. Shopping Advertising Course

Shopping advertisements are also an amazing way to increase your company revenue. Because in this type of advertisement you have to put product images, prices, brand name, ,benefits, and many more things that you want to show to your audience. Because users attract by seeing.

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