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How to earn money from YouTube in India 2022

How to earn money from YouTube in India 2022

Hello Indians, hope you all are tremendous. If you are scrolling through this webpage then surely you are searching for information about how much someone can earn money from YouTube in India. No worries at all. This is awesome, you have landed at the right place. Maybe you are a YouTuber or you want to make a career at YouTube. Whatever the matter is. I am going to share with you some precious tips and tricks for earning money from YouTube in India.

As you can see, YouTube is the second biggest video platform from where people upload their videos and earn money. These days people prefer to watch videos for their queries rather than to read blogs. Because the time has totally changed. People want high quality knowledge in minimum time. People liked that video, which is short and qualitative rather than quantitative.

Nowadays, people earn a hefty amount of money from their YouTube channel. When someone is going to start a YouTube channel then a number of questions run in anyone’s mind. When I started a channel, multiple questions also came in my mind and searched for them and cleared my queries. Now, I am here to solve your queries related to earning money from YouTube in India. After reading this blog, if you still have any query, you can post in the comment section and surely I will try to give the answer to your question.

How to earn money from YouTube

This is the general question that comes to newbies’ minds who are going to make their YouTube channel is “how to make money from YouTube”. The most popular method to make money from YouTube is Google Adsense but .. but.. But.. Google Adsense is not the only way to earn money. You can make money through several ways such as Affiliate Marketing, Sponsorship, channel memberships, and many others. If you really want to make money online from YouTube then definitely you have to do hard work for it. Because without hard work and smart work there is no success. If you want to have success then you have to pay the price for that.

To become a successful person on YouTube is not an easy task for anyone. After That you can start making money. Do you know that the competition level is very high on YouTube. If you search a query in the search bar then you get multiple videos for that particular query. If you want to grow your YouTube channel in less time then you have to make high quality videos on a specific topic. So that people prefer to watch your video than anyone.

Ways of Earning Money from YouTube

As I discussed above, there are multiple ways to earn money from YouTube such as Amazon influencer, Sponsorship, Affiliate Marketing and if you have your own products or services then you can sell them through channels. If you want to reach your video high then promote your video through Google campaigns. Nowadays, this is an amazing way to earn money online from YouTube. Because it’s totally free to make a YouTube channel and start uploading your videos.

I have observed that some people start their YouTube channel in a craze and upload many videos in a few months and if they see no result then they quit. If you also are going to do this. So.. I personally recommend you, please don’t waste your time. If you have the patience to do hard work then you are most welcome on this platform. Firstly, make a YouTube channel. If you don’t know how to make it then watch one of the YouTube videos.

After that, select a niche in which you are good at and do keyword research related to your niche. In starting, choose a keyword in which search volume is high and competition is low. These types of keywords help you to grow your channel organically.

What are the Requirements for Channel Monetisation

This is an awesome question. You have to complete 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours watch time on a YouTube channel in the last one year then you can apply for channel monetisation. When YouTube approves your channel then ads will be displayed in your videos and your earning will start.

This is not an simple task but not impossible. Everything is possible in this world. You can follow some tips and tricks to complete this task such as promoting your videos through Google ad campaigns, from where you get subscribers but those people watch your video through campaigns that particular watchtime is not included.

Do you know that many people earn money without monetising their channel? If you the quality to earn money then how you will make it

How to complete 1000 subscribers and 4,000 hours watchtime

You can complete this task very easily if you share your video to your target audience then surely they watch your video completely and also subscribe to your channel. Now the question is, how to find the target audience? For instance, you have a motivational channel and you upload a motivational video on that, then whenever you upload video on your channel then immediately share your video on motivational groups. You can find motivational groups on Facebook and share the link of your videos.

I think there is not only one group available but multiple. So avail this opportunity to complete your watchtime. I personally recommend you don’t share your videos on Whatsapp statuses because you have a different type of audience. If you share your video on your Whatsapp status, people click on the link and start to watch but if they don’t like your video they will immediately quit. This thing will leave a bad impact on your channel.


Hey guys, I have shared my precious experience with you on how you can create your YouTube channel and how you can complete the requirements of channel monetisation and in how many ways you can earn money. So, my best wishes with you. Start your journey with craze and patience and do hard work for at least 1 year. After that you will see the desired result. Thanks to all lovely people for reading this interesting blog. I

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