How to use Pinterest for Affiliate marketing – A complete Guide

Hello all, If you are here then you want to know how you can use Pinterest for affiliate marketing. Don’t worry guys, you have landed on a perfect place. In this blog post, I will tell you how you can use Pinterest for affiliate marketing. Many bloggers, affiliate marketers pin on Pinterest on a regular basis and drive millions of traffic to their website and earn big bucks.

Pinterest provides an opportunity to affiliates to earn repetitive income by pinning on Pinterest. Continue reading to know the tips, tricks, steps, and examples that will teach you how you can earn passive income through Pinterest.

Can you add affiliate links on Pinterest?

Pinterest is a source of traffic for bloggers, affiliate marketers,etc. Because it helps to drive traffic on your website. On a regular basis. When visitors come on Pinterest and click on pins, they are directed to your website. 

It’s interesting, you just have to add pins on Pinterest. Maybe you are thinking, can I add a direct affiliate link on Pinterest. You can use Pinterest for affiliate marketing but you should read the privacy policy, terms and conditions of an affiliate program you are a part of.

 For instance, Amazon doesn’t allow its affiliates to post direct affiliate links Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram,etc.  Amazon affiliates promote products or services through blog posts and then add the link of blog posts in Pins. Provide value to your Pinterest audience. Start creating valuable, informative, engaging posts. 

Disclose affiliate links: When you add direct affiliate link to your pin then be sure to mention #affiliate in the description.If you include your affiliate links in your blog post and then add post link in pin then you don’t need to add #affiliate. 

Why is Pinterest better than other social media?

When you go for affiliate marketing then you want to set up those things that will work for you for a long period of time. So that you don’t have to work hard every second of the day. If you want to earn money through Pinterest then firstly you must understand, What is Pinterest? How does it work? And what’s the algorithm of Pinterest?

Many people think that Pinterest is social media, this is the biggest mistake of people. Actually, Pinterest is not a social media. I have two words for Pinterest: “referral traffic source” and “visual search engine”. If you think Pinterest is a search engine then you are on the right path. You should focus more on keywords and phrases that you are using. Because Algorithms pick up keywords. 

Pinterest is the best way for generating affiliate revenue because pins have a long life and even for a year. While the life of a tweet is measured in a few minutes or in a few hours.  An optimized pin comes in the search result for a particular keyword. A pin that you published a few years ago can still earn money for you today. 

How can you use Pinterest for Affiliate marketing?

Pinterest gives an amazing opportunity to affiliate marketers, they can turn their dreams into reality. In affiliate marketing, you have a chance to earn passive income. Sign up any of the affiliate programs

This is the first step that you should choose wisely. Simply search on Google “ top affiliate marketing programs for beginners” and you will get the list, read them carefully and select one of those according to your choice. After that sign up. 

What products you are using, you can recommend to your audience in the best possible way. If you are in Business to Business then you can promote courses, software applications that can help in businesses. If you are in the Business to customer category then you can promote personal development courses, communication courses, etc. 

1 Start producing content on your website for promoting affiliate links

Now, this is the time to introduce your affiliate links to your Pinterest audience. Start producing content for those products that you are an affiliate marketer for and start publishing this content on your website. 

2 Create multiple pins for single piece of content

After creating your website, create multiple interactive pins for a single piece of content. You can use “Canva” for creating Pinterest pin images and publish all these images on your Pinterest account. In this way, thousands of people show your content on a daily basis. 

Many bloggers, affiliate marketers create 5-10 pin images per blog post and some create 15-20 pin images. One thing is clear, the more you create, the more traffic you get.  If you create more pins then definitely you get benefit from them. If you are a beginner and don’t know how to create pins then you can watch YouTube videos. 

3. Consistency

Be active on Pinterest on a daily basis and the best way is to be active on Pinteresting by pinning fresh pins. This thing will increase blog traffic. When you create multiple pins then thousands of visitors come on blog and read your blog in which you have added affiliate links. If satisfied from your content whatever you have written in your blog post then make a purchase through your affiliate link and you get a commission.

I am not saying you have to have a dozen pins. In starting, create a few and after that add more pins on a daily basis. In this way,This thing is better for your Pinterest account.

4. Analyze your pins

Analyzing is the most important step. When you create lots of pins on Pinterest then you should check your analytics in your account and see which pin is getting more attention and generating revenue for you. In this way, you are able to recognize which type of pin users want. When you know which is the best pin on your Pinterest account then start creating some new versions of those pins or make some different designs or add some creativity.  So that you can drive more traffic to that particular post and generate more revenue through your pins. 

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