How you can create a viral Instagram Campaign – 6 effective ways

Hello all, you are welcome on my website. Today I am going to discuss with you how you can run a successful campaign on Instagram. If you are an Instagram influencer, blogger, affiliate marketer, as well. No doubt, you want to gain more reach in terms of likes, comments, followers, etc. If you want to gain more followers then there are two techniques, one is…. You can gain naturally and secondly, you can gain by running campaigns. 

You can run campaigns on any social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, as well. But every platform has different algorithms. If you run a successful campaign on Instagram then you need to understand all the factors that matter. 

I am also working on Instagram and my account reach is increasing day by day.  Here are some tips and tricks that can help you in running a campaign on Instagram.

1. Decide 4 T’s

Hey guys, If you don’t know what your goal is  for running a campaign then don’t waste your efforts, money, and time.  

Target: Before running a campaign, know what you want to achieve through Instagram campaign. If you want to drive traffic on your website then choose a campaign according to that.

Tactics: Once you know your target audience then after know some basic strategies that will help you in reaching your goal.  Learn strategies according to the type campaign you are going to run. 

If you want to do influencer marketing then make a person you want to work with. If you are a blogger then give a link in your story. If you are an affiliate marketer then share products more and more  on your profile. 

Timeline:  If you want to get a long term following then obviously you should run campaigns on a regular basis. So that potential customers can connect with your brand. 

Total Spend: Now the time is to invest on campaigns. Select a campaign wisely according to your needs and then start investing. I am personally suggesting you to not invest a big amount in the starting. First invest a low amount. If you see the results of your campaign then you can invest more.

2. Learn about your audience

The main thing is to know what your audience likes and why they come on your profile, and how you can engage them with your content. There are multiple tools available from which you can check out who is following you and what are the purpose of following. 

Start observing other pages which  strategies they are following and which type of hashtags they are using in the caption. Analyze each and everything properly. If you find something better , you can implement it on your account. Maybe it will work for you. 

3. Sale or promotion

Hey guys, do you want to run a campaign for sale? It is very common to run a campaign for selling products or services. When people see your posts then they will be willing to visit your business account to see more posts about products or services which you are promoting. 

Sometimes some festival holidays are perfect for sale like Deepawli, Holi, Eid, etc. If you share a discount code or promo code along with the product images then the chances of product selling will be more. And also tell them this offer is limited and available for a short period of time. 

4.. Instagram Contest

Contests play an important role in driving engagement on your posts and they can support you in reaching your goals. You can set the rules for entry in the contest like providing them an introduction form or asking them to enter their email address. In this way, you can make your email list and you can use this email list for selling products or services. Many online marketers use their email list for generating revenue such as bloggers driving traffic on their website through email lists.  

5. Product Launch

When you want to launch a product in the market then you should have to run campaigns for your products. Through campaigns people know about your products. You also observed that many big companies market their products or services before launching. In simple terms, marketing means spreading the awareness of a product. Because when people know the advantages and qualities of your product then after they will be willing to buy your product.

6. User generated campaigns

 In user generated campaigns, you inspire people to share posts regarding your products or services including hashtags. With the help of this campaign, you can increase the awareness of your brand.This campaign gives you the content that you can use on your channel. Plenty of users participate in your campaigns and they repost your posts on their account. All campaigns are different but the one thing that is common is to attract customers towards the products. 


Hey guys, now have read all the above information about how to create a successful instagram campaign. As I have discussed in the above article, before running a campaign make your goal and analyze all the 4T’s such as  Timeline, Target, Total spend, Tactics. Before executing a campaign, know the basic strategies about Instagram. Without having knowledge about Instagram algorithms, you can not have a successful campaign. 

And I am personally suggesting you to don’t do anything on Instagram without knowing. Because Instagram is very sensitive. If you perform unnecessary steps then Instagram will block you. 

Posts quality content on your profile. Whenever a user visits your profile, they can feel something impressive. Maybe your purpose of using Instagram is different such as increasing sales, increasing followers, etc. Don’t do follow/unfollow activity on your Instagram account. I am not saying you can follow/unfollow, you can do this but in a limited number. If Instagram comes to know about this activity of yours, then it will reduce the reach of your account. And you can not regain it in a short period of time.

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