Leadsark affiliate marketing

Leadsark Affiliate Marketing real or fake?

Hello all, hope you all are amazing. If you are visiting this page, you definitely want to know about Leadsark affiliate marketing. You may want to start your career in affiliate marketing because affiliate marketing is a trending skill, and many people earn a good amount of money monthly. Hope you also have the curiosity to earn through affiliate marketing. Now the question is, what is affiliate marketing? Affiliate Marketing is a strategy for promoting other vendors’ products. Are you here to know if the Leadsark affiliate marketing program is worth joining? Don’t worry at all. I am here to discuss with you the honest review of Leadsark. 

After researching this affiliate marketing program, I will present the reviews. Is it a genuine opportunity? Are their courses worth joining? And many more. After reading this complete blog, will you know whether you should join or not? Are you all ready? Now we are going to dive into today’s topic. 

What is Leadsark Affiliate Marketing?

Leadsark affiliate marketing
Leadsark affiliate marketing

Leadsark is famous for its affiliate marketing program, offering 70% commission to its affiliates. Leadsark provides three types of courses based on digital marketing. If you want to join this affiliate program, purchase any of their courses. After that, you will be eligible to promote their courses and earn a commission. 

Leadsark Affiliate Marketing Product

As I said in the above article, they provide three courses based on digital marketing. These courses contain different types of modules on several topics, such as Affiliate Marketing, Personal Branding, Instagram Marketing, and Facebook Marketing, and their main focus on Lead Generation. One of their courses must be purchased to join their affiliate program. 

ProductAffiliate CategoryPrice
StandardGold 4130
Leadsark affiliate marketing

As the price mentioned above in this table, the lite course is about 2360 Indian rupees as the prices are different for different courses. The commissions also vary. If you buy expensive courses, you will get more commission and modules. If you want to know in-depth, you can visit the official website of Leadsark. 

Leadsark compensation plan

Leadsark provides commission in two ways one is through direct sales and the other from downline sales. 

Direct Sales Commissions

Whenever Leadsark affiliates refer someone to their course directly, and they buy, then their affiliates receive a direct sales commission. The commission varies according to the product category and affiliate category. If you promote Lite courses, you will receive a commission of 1500 rupees in all categories ( silver, gold, platinum). Commission increases as you generate more sales. In this program, you earn a good amount on a single sale.

Two-Tier Commission

You can also earn hefty commissions through your downline. If you are a Leadsark associate and you refer someone to this course, and your downline refers to this course, you receive a tier-two commission. Again commission varies according to the product category and affiliate category. 

Leadsark Review

Many Leadsark affiliates are not satisfied with this program, and I am telling you this: these courses are not worth their price. They don’t provide high-quality content. This type of content they are providing you can get free from YouTube. If you are curious to learn, read some knowledgeable blogs that you can easily find out on the internet and watch some quality YouTube videos. And still, if you want to purchase an online course in digital marketing, you can buy from any of the reputed platforms like Udemy, Coursera, Edureka, and skillshare at very affordable rates for well-experienced educators.

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Is this affiliate marketing?

We all know Leadsark due to its affiliate marketing program. In this program, we refer products according to our personal experience, and interested people purchase recommended products. Trust is the backbone of affiliate marketing; in fact, all businesses run on the base of trust. If customers are satisfied with the company’s product, they buy more, and the company grows automatically. Here, there are no such courses that are worth buying. In this case, affiliates only wait for a hefty commission, and actually, they also don’t know the worth of these courses. 

Network marketing companies also execute on the exact principle. First, people buy by themselves and then use and recommend. Interested people buy recommended products, and network marketing team members earn commissions. 

Do you know that in network marketing companies, people mainly focus on commissions and promote dummy products? After all, some lose their money by purchasing overpriced or low-quality products, and some earn few commissions by promoting these sill products.

But I am telling you that all network marketing companies are fake. All are not fake, but before joining any of them, do research and then join.

The same case applies to affiliate marketing companies. Some newly opened companies are selling their overpriced, low-quality courses and want to earn commissions from them. Before joining any affiliate marketing program, research the companies and read some knowledgeable blogs to get to know the right option for you. 

Some reputed affiliate marketing platforms such as Amazon, Clickbank, and many more exist. A simple search on google what are the top 10 affiliate programs for beginners then you will get the list.

Doing Money Circulation

Many reputed affiliate programs don’t do this, but Leadsark runs a money circulation scheme. In Amazon, Flipkart, and Shopify, you don’t need to pay a single rupee to become their affiliate, but in the Leadsark affiliate program, its mandatory to buy any of their courses to become an affiliate. Their affiliates don’t earn good commissions because most people don’t buy these courses due to overpricing. If someone buys, then they aren’t satisfied. Leadsark pays commissions to its affiliates until they promote the products. And it is not an easy task to promote unworthy or overpriced products. My suggestion for you is don’t lose your money.  

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