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Linkedin Affiliate Marketing – A complete Guide for Beginners 2022

Hello all, I hope you all are splendid. Maybe you want to start your career in affiliate marketing, that’s why you are here on this webpage. Maybe you are working as an affiliate and want to get more knowledge about affiliate marketing. Do you know that many people utilize social media for earning money. Many affiliate marketers use multiple platforms for doping affiliate marketing such as Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc. 

Are you also here to know how I can use Linkedin for affiliate marketing? No issues… I am here to tell you how you can utilize Linkedin for boosting your sales. Firstly, you should know what affiliate marketing is. In this article, I can not discuss affiliate marketing in detail but I am going to tell you in short.. Affiliate marketing is a way of promoting other vendors’ products or services through digital platforms such as blogging, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc, when some make a purchase of your link then you get a small commission for that.  

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What is Linkedin Affiliate Marketing? 

Linkedin is the best platform for affiliate marketing. Before using Linkedin for affiliate marketing, you should know the rules and strategies how you can use Linkedin for promoting other vendors’ products.

On Linkedin, Firstly you have to make connections. Send requests only to those people who are interested in your content.Make sure one thing while building your connection list is only focus on your target audience because target audience can make a great impact on your business. 

If you promote affiliate products or services to your target audience then conversion will always be high. If you promote affiliate products to anyone then your efforts will go in vain because it’s not mandatory that person will like or buy you your affiliate product.

Target audience has a greater importance in any business. Many bloggers, affiliate marketers, etc. are driving traffic to their website through Linkedin. You can use Linkedin to generate your affiliate revenue. 

Now, you are thinking about how you can post your affiliate link in Linkedin. No issues. I will tell you how you post your affiliate link in the article below. 

Why do people use Linkedin for affiliate marketing?

Linkedin is the largest professional network all around the world and also a leading platform. More than 740 million people use Linkedin in approximately 200 countries.Linkedin is much bigger in comparison to other social platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tiktok, etc. 

It’s not about the quantity of people but it’s about the quality of people who are on Linkedin. Many businesses use Linkedin for generating leads, increasing sales, and increasing revenue. Through the use of Linkedin, you can take your business from lower level to the higher level. Linkedin can also be the best platform for you. 

How to build an audience on Linkedin?

There are two ways from which you can build your audience such as company pages or personal pages These two platforms are different. 

In simple terms, people prefer to interact with personal profiles in comparison to company pages. If you have more than 10K followers on your company page then still you get only 0.054% engagement. 

If we talk about personal pages, you get a decent engagement rate of about 2%. On the personal page, you have more features to use like you can send connection requests to your target audience, you can send messages to your connections, you can do comments, etc. Company pages have fewer features. I am not saying that the company page is not good.

If you want to do affiliate marketing through Linked then do it from your personal profile. Send 10-20 connection requests to your target people and start increasing your personal following.

Polish your posting strategy

Posting is an important aspect for making the engagement on your personal profile. When you send a connection request to someone or anyone then also tell them the reason why they should accept your connection request.

One question is arising in your mind about how you have to post on Linkedin as an affiliate marketer and how many times and when. No issues. I am going to tell you. If you post more than 5 times in a week or one post per day then you will see the big drop in clicks. 

If we talk more specifically, a page who has 100 followers can generate only 2 clicks per week on the first two posts. 

How to use Linkedin for affiliate marketing?

Linedin affiliate marketing
Linedin affiliate marketing

Now, you have built your target audience by posting quality and engaging content with them. It’s the time to do affiliate marketing.

Linked don’t allow anyone to post direct affiliate links but you can share affiliate links via direct messages, comments, and blog posts. You can not spam Linkedin by posting affiliate links one after another. If you do this then Linkedin will block you.  

Produce high quality content on your website or blog and include affiliate links in your blog posts then you can share your post with your connections. When people click on your blog post, they will redirect to your website and then they will read your content. If they are satisfied with your content then they can make a purchase through affiliate link. If people buy anything through your affiliate link then you receive a small commission. 

You can also build your email list by providing them something valuable like a free ebook, webinar, smartclass, etc. After that you can send your blog posts to your email list. Many people also drive more traffic on their blog through their email list. 

You can also use Linkedin advertising for promoting your content. You will see a greater impact on click through rate after prompting. You get organic impressions on your content but if you promote your content then your reach goes high. Did you know that Linkedin advertising is highly expensive in comparison to other social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

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