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Hello all, are you here to know the types of blogging? But before you must know what blogging is. I have described  blogging in other blog post,  you can read that. Because in this article, I will discuss with you how many types of blog.  Instead, I am going to tell you in short what blogging is. People share their ideas and thoughts on a particular topic or you can say you can educate, aware, and give information to the audience on a specific topic and you can start writing in any field according to your expertise. Now you must have understood what blogging is.

You can create a blog from which you can add value to the lives of people by giving high quality content. The most important thing is blogging not only helpful for your readers but when you write blog posts, you also learn something new. By blogging, you can earn money by following your passion. There are multiple ways to earn money via blog such as Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, and sponsorship.  Let’s know the types of blogging.

1. Travel Blogs

Before going on a trip, people search on Google and read other people’s reviews about any particular place where they want to go. If you are a tourist then you can write your views about those places where you have traveled. You can show your readers different places with your own eyes.You can tell them why you like traveling and why they should go there for a trip. In travel blogs, people write about any hotel, restaurant. If you love to travel then you can also start a travel blog. 

2. Health and fitness blogs

Hey guys, do you know that these days many people want to do exercise and make their body well and fit. And many want to do exercise at their home. They don’t want to go to the gym. Blogging is a perfect way of guiding people how they can perform exercise at their home. People also watch YouTube videos for doing exercises. Many people have different motivations for doing exercises such as to lose weight, gain weight, improve digestion, improve eyesight, joint pain, and many more. You can help them by providing quality content in blog posts. 

3. Fashion blogs 

Nowadays fashion blogs are trending, everyone is looking for new designs. If you have to create a designer outfit from old clothes or you have a passion to wear clothes in a beautiful manner then this niche is totally for you. You can start writing fashion blogs and educate your audience about trending fashion. 

4. Photography blogs

If you are a good photographer then you can start your blog in this niche. Because people want to hear from you about stunning photos.  They are also interested to know your story and how you can learn photography from zero. How much work you will display on your blogs then number of users attract towards your blogs and even some photography creators will also come on your blog to learn something from you. You can also tell them which tools you use while taking photographs.

How to create photography blog
How to create photography blog

5. Personal blogs

In personal blogs, you can tell your stories, daily routines, real life experiences, and you can share incidents of your life. Represent yourself through your blog posts, so that people can learn something from your story and implement it in their story. Why should we read books? Because in books, people write their whole life experiences. By reading blogs or books, we go through a person’s life story in a few minutes and learn a lot of things. This type of blog will be helpful for you and as well as to your audience. 

6. Business blogs

Many entrepreneurs and CEOs read continually and also they give credit of their own success to reading. Some professions start their business blogs to stay updated. You can share the latest news about business on your blogs. There are multiple categories in business. You can choose any of them according to your interest and expertise.

7. Writing blogs about books

All readers are not just reading novels but they also find book summaries and reviews on a blog. It is an awesome opportunity for you if you are a reader. Because a good reader can express their own words in a presentable manner.  If you are not a good writer. No issues at all. You can start your blog and you can take help of tools such as Grammarly, this tool helps you in correcting errors. I am personally recommending you if you can afford the paid version of Grammarly then obviously go for it. Because it is an awesome tool and with the help of this tool you can learn how to write.

How to create a blog
How to create a blog

8. News blogs

Nowaadays, news isn’t recorded in Newspapers, Magazines, TVs, Radios but news blogs are also running. Many people read news blogs to stay updated. You can optimize your blog by writing on SEO friendly keywords and you can Google Trends for knowing what people are searching.

9. Religious blogs

Some plays say that I don’t have knowledge about finance, business, parenting, gardening, etc. Here, it is an amazing opportunity for you. If you are just 12th pass and writing skills are good then you can also do it. Religious bloggers choose a specific niche about their religions and start posting on their blogs. 

10. Motivation blogs

Nowadays, people are looking for motivation. For instance, you are going to do something before you need motivation. In simple words, we can say that everyone needs motivation to run their daily life. Motivation is the basic need of every human being. If you have interest in reading and writing motivational stories then you can give a kick to your career by creating this blog. 

In this way, you can help people and you can also monetize your blog through Google Adsense. You can write motivational stories, inspirational stories, success stories, motivational quotes, self esteem quotes, and real life experiences so that people can feel relaxed after reading this. 

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