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What is Blogging? The Ultimate Guide for Beginners 2022

Hey guys, this is the ultimate guide for beginners who want to create their own brand. Firstly, you should know what blogging is. Are you thinking about how a blog can help you in creating a brand and what will be the tactics of a successful blog? 

In this article, I am going to discuss with you the detailed explanation of blogging mainly the benefits because blogging is the best method of generating revenue.

“I am also a blogger. I was started blogging when I was jobless and I didn’t know anything about blog. I only know the name of blog. I didn’ know how to create a money-making blog, What is domain?  What is hosting?  How to write an interactive blog post? And many more. I was also searching for information about blogging as you are searching. But in this blogging guide, I will share some tips and tricks by which you can save your time”.

What is blogging?

Blogging is a way of sharing one’s thoughts and ideas on a particular topic on the internet.

If you search on Google then you get different definitions of blogging? But now, Blogging has become a most prominent channel by which you can increase your subscribers, fans, email list, revenue, and many more. 

Do you know that the blogging keyword has approx. 73k search volume all over the world. Hundreds of thousands of blog posts are published every day. From this data, you can guess how  much blogging is growing. 

Plenty of people are earning a lot of money by blogging.  If you are dedicated to starting a blog and want to earn money from that then you can also earn money. But you have to work hard consistently for months and even years. After that your growth will be massive. 

Some people read articles like how to start a blog to earn money and they also start with enthusiasm but after a few months they quit blogging. If you are one of them then I would personally advise you not to waste your time. Do the work that interests you. 

Are you thinking that I am not a good blogger? No issues. When I started blogging I was not even a good writer but still, I used to write blog posts. After writing 20 to 30 blogs, I knew the exact way of writing an interactive blog post. 

If your basic grammar is not clear then go through all basic rules. You can also use Grammarly, it corrects errors like punctuation, spacing, article, etc. 

Now you understand my point. If you have knowledge about anything like finance, business, news, food, lifestyle, gardening, gadgets, cooking, stitching,  etc. You can start your blog now. 

Whenever you write a blog post, make sure you have provided value in the content. So that people can enjoy your article. If you want to become successful in blogging then your passion, willingness, and consistency will help you. 

What is a blog?

Blog is a part of a website where they post their content containing images, videos, text to make articles more engaging and valuable. 

Difference between a blog and a website

Blog and website are differ from each other. I have listed some points below regarding this:

  • Blogs are constantly updated according to the audience Multiple articles are posted in a blog in a single day while a website contains static content with no regular update.  
  • Blogs make a connection with your audience. People sign up for your blog and share on social handles and comment. While the website doesn’t achieve any engagement. 
  • The website has static content and no content is published according to SEO. That’s why Google doesn’t rank websites in the search results. While in blog, people write blog according to the SEO by including a series of keywords which have high search volume. Whatever the keywords you include in your blog post. Google ranks your blog in the  search results when someone searches for a query related to your blog post.
  • Blogs gain more traffic as compared to the website. Blogs gain more reach on social handles like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.

Benefits of blogging?

Hope so you are curious to know the benefits of blogging. Nowadays, everyone is taking the name of blogging. If you go internationally then you will see everyone has a blog.

Blogging is the best option for working moms. Moms are making money by writing blogs on such topics like how to take care of children. Cooking, lifestyle, etc. 

Many businesses use blogging to rank on search engines. In this way, businesses generate leads. 

Now, I am going to list some of the key benefits of blogging:

  • Blogging gives you a business opportunity.
  • No time boundation.
  • You can work anytime of the day. 
  • You are your own leader. 
  • You can promote your products or services through blogging.
  • You can scale your business. 
  • You can increase your audience. 
  • If you are writing posts according to SEO then you will gain more traffic.
  • If you have the quality of writing ebooks then you can self publish your book on your own blog and generate revenue. 
  • You can learn new things. 
  • You can share your personal perspective regarding anything. 
  • With the help of blogging you can connect with people.


Hey guys, you have read all the above information about blogging like What is blogging? What is a blog? Difference between a blog and a website and what are the benefits of blogging. If you have expertise in any field then you can start your own blog. If you have your own products then you can promote your own products through your blog. Otherwise you can promote other vendor’s services like many affiliate marketers. Affiliate marketers promote other vendor’s products or services through blogs or YouTube channels and earn a lot of money. If you don’t know what affiliate marketing is then you should read a blog about affiliate marketing?

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