Papa murphy's pizza

What is Papa Murphy’s survey? How to participate in Papa Murphy’s survey and earn exciting prizes

What is Papa Murphy’s Survey?

Papa murphy's pizza
Papa murphy’s pizza

Papas survey is one of the famous customer feedback surveys organized by Papa Murphy’s. is an online portal where customers fill out the survey form. Papa Murphy offers a customer feedback survey form to maintain the quality of products and services.

In return, Pap Murphy offers you exciting prizes, rewards, and vouchers you can redeem next time. Now, If you love to win prizes like cookies, cheese bread, pizza, etc., you can connect with us to learn more opportunities. This article will tell you how you can win these exciting prizes. 

Papa Murphy’s is the best pizza chain that is locally owned. They have been doing this business for over 30 years, making a customer base by providing fast delivery, delicious food, etc. Currently, they have 1,750 locations across Canada and the United States.

Papa Murphy’s has launched a survey called Papa survey. The intention behind Papa Murphy’s Survey is to find out what customers think about Papa Murphy’s and what changes they want. Papa Murphy uses this feedback to upgrade its plans, such as delivery services, management systems, etc. Through this, they want to reach out to more audiences. 

Customers can participate in the papa survey at their site named Papasurvey consists of 20 questions; you can do this Survey in 5 minutes. Questions are given in this Survey related to location preferences, satisfaction with products or services, and other preferences. 

The company is particularly interested in gathering feedback from their new locations as they have been open for less than five years since 1995 rather than the long 26-year journey. This information will help them to improve overall customer satisfaction and menu items. 

The Survey was conducted from April to October. Users have the opportunity to complete the survey form during this period. Customers or users can only answer five questions. They have to complete ten surveys to qualify for a gift. 

Papa Murphy also raised its customer rating from average to excellent. Papa Murphy wants to grab the attention of customers through this event. Papa Murphy collected all types of feedback through survey forms, and they used this data to scale up their products, services, and user experience. 

Papa Murphy History

Papa Murphy was established in 1981. At that time, it was known as “Papa Aldo’s”. Later, it merged with the famous “Murphy’s Pizza” pizza chain. Murphy was established in 1984. These two companies were in 1984 and run with the name “Papa Murphy’s “pizza hut. 

The name became so famous in the United States. It has made a reputation nationwide. It comes in the list of top 5 pizza huts. They established approx—1,750 stores in the US country including all franchises.

Papa Murphy’s is known for its services.

Papa murphy's pizza
Papa murphy’s survey

Papa Murphy’s is the biggest pizza chain that has been running for more than 30 years. They provide their services as per the customer’s requirements. Papa Murphy’s is the biggest retail pizza chain, and it can provide a ‘take and bake’ service. You can order a cold pizza and bake it at their homes. 

They don’t provide hot pizza to their customers. They provide cold pizza, and customers can bake it at home using the micro oven. 

Take and Bake pizza model helps Papa Murphy’s provide quality pizza to their customers, and they safely deliver it to the customer’s houses. Through this, they can save money. 

Do you know from where these practical ideas came? All these ideas came from the papa survey. 

Which items Papa Murphy’s provide their customers

Papa Murphy’s runs more than 1,750 pizza stores in the United States. It has become the 5th largest pizza chain in the US. The Annual revenue of Papa Murphy’s is more than $900 million. 

Papa Murphy’s provides a variety of customization in pizza. They provide cold pizza to their customers. So that they can bake in their own homes, they also offer a variety of products such as desert pizza, Cinnamon wheels, cheesy bread, Cookie Dough, Salad, cold pizza, etc. 

Sometimes, they offer some exciting prizes and coupon codes for their customers. They have given jobs to thousands of people in happy environments. 

Papa Murphy’s designed its landing page so that people are attracted to give the Survey. They put an impressive image of pizza in the background.

You can fill out the survey form according to locations or store numbers. You have to give the answers to questions honestly. 

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How you can take part in the Papa survey/ Papa Murphy’s Survey

If you want to participate in the Papa survey, you must first eat pizza in Papa Murphy’s restaurant. It is compulsory for those who wish to join the Papa survey. After completing this action, you can give the Survey online. 

The second condition is that Survey is conducted online, and you must have one mobile or computer with good internet. 

The third mandatory condition is that the Survey is conducted in English or Spanish. Before taking the Survey, read at least one language carefully so that you can give the answers to the questions quickly. 

Fourth, you must have the latest Papa Murphy’s order receipt to give the Survey. 

Fifth, you can take the Survey within three days of getting the order receipt from Papa Murphy. 

Follow all these steps to complete the survey form without any hesitation. 

  1. First, you must type Papa Murphy’s URL on Google.
  1. Now, read the short description of how you can give the Survey and get ready with the store number you gained from Papa Murphy’s. 
  1. After getting the store number, you can click on the next button. 

You can use the second option if you still need the store number. Here, you can find out the store number through the zip code. It is the easy option where you can quickly know the store number. 

  1. After clicking on the following button, you can start giving the answers to the questions with honesty.
  1. Answer all the questions. Don’t leave anyone. 
  1. After giving the answers to all questions, click on the next button. 
  1. At last, If you are lucky, they will offer you a coupon code. You can take this promo code in your email id. Remember this coupon code that will be useful for exclusive coupon codes and prizes next time. 
  1. Next time you order from Papa Murphy’s, show them the receive coupon code to redeem your free item. 

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Papa Murph’s/ Papasurvey and Papasurvey’s gift

Redeem Coupon Code: After giving the Survey, when you go to Papa Murphy’s restaurant, show them the coupon code you received after completing the Survey so that they redeem your coupon. After that they will show you the list of prizes or rewards, you can choose any one you want. 

Papasurvey’s prizes: They have various products, including cookie dough, sodas, customized pizza, dessert pizza, Cinamon wheels, and cheesy bread; you can pick anyone, which is entirely free. 

What are the Papasurvey Rules?

1. Exciting prizes or coupon codes will be given to those who clarify the prizes.

2. Participants should be 18 years old.

3. You must first eat at Papa Murphy’s restaurant. For taking a receipt. 

4. You have to complete the Survey within three days of getting a receipt.

5. You can redeem your coupon code by showing them.

6. Survey is conducted online. You can give the Survey through the provided link. The link is provided below.

7. After getting the offer code, you can order at Papa Murphy’s and claim your free order.

8. You can redeem your free order within 30 days of getting the receipt.

What is Papa Murphy’s store number?

When you go to Papa murphy’s restaurant where you will get a receipt, the store number is printed on this receipt. Papa Murphy’s store number is the unique number of stores that tell the store’s location. Every store has a unique identity. 

If you need the store number, you can quickly get that number by entering your location.

How can you contact Papa Murphy’s 

Here some details are given below. You can contact them through any of them. 

  1. By contacting us on page
  2. By phone no. 1-844-620-2501
  3. Send mail to:

Papa Murphy’s International 

Attn: Guest Sevices 8000 NE Parkway Dr. #350

Vancouver, WA 98662

Papa Murphy’s Survey Near me

If you want to visit Papa Murphy’s store near me, you can use Google Maps. Type your location in Google Maps and see the nearby Papa Murphy’s store. 

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