Amazon stock forecast

Amazon Stock Forecast 2023, 2025,2030, 2040 and 2041

Hey guys, Welcome back to another fantastic post. This article will share Amazon’s stock forecast for the upcoming years 2023, 2025, 2027,2030 to 2041. is an American multinational tech company that mainly focuses on cloud computing, Artificial intelligence, web series or movies, and e-commerce. It is one of the most popular and well-known brands across the world.
It comes under the list of top 5 tech companies, including Alphabet, Apple, Meta, and Microsoft. It will be a good decision if you are interested in buying Amazon stock.
An American entrepreneur (Jeff Bezos) founded in 1994. Previously, was an ebook marketplace.
After the struggle for many years, it has become one of the most famous technology companies in the world.

Amazon stock forecast
Amazon stock forecast

Amazon Stock Price Prediction for 2022 or Amazon Stock Forecast

The forecast for 2022 will be around $141.15. The minimum expected price for Amazon will be $102.73, and the maximum price will be $170.50. The current growth of Amazon stock is good, and you can expect Amazon stock will go higher in the future.

YearMaximum PriceMinimum PriceAverage Price
Amazon stock price prediction 2022

Amazon Stock Price Prediction for 2023 or Amazon Stock Forecast

Experts predict that Amazon stock will exceed $210.45 by 2023. The minimum expected price could be $182.42. On average, Amazon stock could reach $195.02. As per the current growth of Amazon stock, you can expect it will grow higher.

YearMaximum PriceMinimum PriceAverage Price
Amazon stock price prediction 2023

Amazon Stock Price Prediction for 2024 or Amazon Stock Forecast

Per our analysis and experts’ prediction, Amazon stock could reach as higher as$255.19. It can reach at least $225.45. There are several factors involved in the growth of any stock. If everything performs well, it could reach, on average, $234.84. Still, this price is higher than the last year. Some seasonal investors sell their assets to maximize their profits.

YearMaximum PriceMinimum PriceAverage Price
Amazon stock price prediction 2024

Amazon Stock Price Prediction for 2025 or Amazon Stock Forecast

According to experts’ analysis, 2025 will be a good year for those who have invested in Amazon stock. Amazon’s stock code is AMZN. Amazon stock’s maximum price can cross $342.62. The least price AMZN will be $30572. The average price of AMZN will be $327.28.

YearMaximum PriceMinimum PriceAverage Price
Amazon stock price prediction 205

Amazon Stock Price Prediction for 2026 or Amazon Stock Forecast

According to the prediction of experts’, If you have an interest in Amazon stock you can buy in 2026, it will be worth purchasing. There is always a risk factor in investing. Do deep research on AMZN and try to grab complete information about stocks. Then after a talk with a financial advisor, you can take action. The expected maximum price of a stock in 2026 will be $421.76. If everything is stable, the average price will be $400.50.

YearMaximum PriceMinimum PriceAverage Price
Amazon stock price prediction 2026

Amazon Stock Price Prediction for 2027 or Amazon Stock Forecast

In a stable market, the expected price will be around $461.07. This year will be good for those who want to become long-term investors. The maximum price AMZN can reach $475.31. In a tough market, it can reach the lowest price of $452.33.

As per our prediction, Amazon stock is worth buying. But it can may up or down at any time. Amazon has a significant market reputation, and many people are interested in buying its stocks.

YearMaximum PriceMinimum PriceAverage Price
Amazon stock price prediction 2027

Amazon Stock Price Prediction for 2028 or Amazon Stock Forecast

Amazon’s stock price is growing tremendously. If you want to be a part of Amazon stock then you can buy AMZN and you will get higher returns in the future. The maximum price of Amazon stock will be $604.35 and the minimum price will be $501.23. If everything goes stable then it can cross at least $565.48.

YearMaximum PriceMinimum PriceAverage Price
Amazon stock price prediction 2028

Amazon Stock Price Prediction for 2029 or Amazon Stock Forecast

We are just predicting the expected price, not giving you any surety of any stock. You can read this article for information purposes only. The expected price in 2029 will be $755.89. It can also increase more than our prediction. On average, this stock will go in profit.

YearMaximum PriceMinimum PriceAverage Price
Amazon stock price prediction 2029

Amazon Stock Price Prediction for 2030 or Amazon Stock Forecast

Amazon stock forecast
Amazon stock forecast

As we are seeing Amazon is growing day by day and earning more and more profit. If you want to make your career in the stock market, Amazon will be a good option for you. You can start your career through Amazon stock. Amazon’s stock forecast for 2030 will be $1095.97 as the maximum. Several big investors were attracted to start their careers through Amazon stock.

YearMaximum PriceMinimum PriceAverage Price
Amazon stock price prediction 2030

Amazon Stock Price Prediction for 2031 or Amazon Stock Forecast

Prediction of any stock depends on multiple factors including the company’s growth, market condition, etc. As per the technical analysis of the analyst, the predicted price for 2031 could reach $1250. It can reach the minimum price of $1125.

YearMaximum PriceMinimum PriceAverage Price
Amazon stock price prediction 2031

Amazon Stock Price Prediction for 2041 or Amazon Stock Forecast

As you are reading that the stock price is growing year by year and definitely it will grow over the years. If you want huge returns then you can connect with Amazon stock and stay updated with every event of Amazon stock. Experts say that it will go higher and gain more profit.

YearMaximum PriceMinimum PriceAverage Price
Amazon stock price prediction 2041

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the expected price prediction for Amazon stock?

The expected price prediction for Amazon stock is $170.00 on average. It can increase as high as $170.50 and as low as $102.73

What will be the price of Amazon stock in 2025?

As per experts’ analysis, there are expected ranges: maximum, minimum, and average are $305.72, $342.62, and $327.28, respectively.

Is Amazon selling or buying?

It would help if you had to buy, sell or hold Amazon or any stock. You have to decide as the condition varies. The current scenario is 37 buy ratings, one sell, and two hold ratings.

What is the expected amazon stock price in 2023?

As you read above, the expected price for 2023 is higher than in 2022. Amazon is a well-known and reputed company across the world. Everyone knows that it is a big e-commerce platform, and everyone uses it for several purposes.
Investing in Amazon’s stock is worth buying because it is continuously growing and there are more chances that you will get higher returns on your shares. There is no specific reason behind the growth of any stock. Stock prices can increase or decrease suddenly.
If you want to make your career in the stock market, then first make up your mind that profit or loss is a part of this business. You must be smart, always talk with a financial advisor before investing in stock, and grab proper knowledge from efficient resources.


Hey guys, if you are reading this article until the last, you came here to get information about the stock market. Now you read all the expected prices for all the years. Now the choice is yours that you should invest in or not. You can connect with us if you want to read more predictions about stocks. So that you can read the upcoming predictions of any stock. If you like this article, share it with your family and friends.

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