Richard Heart Net Worth

Richard Heart Net Worth, Age, Wife, and House

Hello all, I am here to discuss with you an interesting topic. In this article, we will discuss Richard’s details, including Richard Heart Net worth, personal life, professional life, Age, Height, girlfriend, career, and all. If you are here to know all these, then it’s a perfect blog for you. 

About Richard Heart

Richard Heart Net Worth
Richard Heart Net Worth

Richard Heart was born on October 9, in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Richard Heart is the founder of He is also an entrepreneur, YouTuber, writer, Financial analyst, author, philanthropist, etc. He is also the founder of Pulse Chain. He has started some successful start-ups. Through this, he becomes popular, and people know who Richar Heart is.

Heart has acquired name and fame by giving its subscribers and viewers valuable advice. It helps people from its true heart. It never spreads any wrong information through its social channels. It solves people’s queries and tells them about which types of scams and fraud in cryptocurrency. He attended many reputed podcasts, seminars, and interviews, and his video was uploaded to youtube channels. 

He has a profile on social platforms where he shares his thoughts and ideas about cryptocurrency. If you want to know Richard Heart’s thoughts about cryptocurrency, you can search for his name on Google, get all social links, and connect with them where you want.

NameRichard Heart
Net Worth$500 million approx.
Age43 years as of 2022
Born9 October 1979
Height 5 feet 7 inch
CitizenshipUnited States
OccupationEntrepreneur, YouTuber, Influencer

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About Richard’s School Education

As discussed above, Richard Heart was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The last name of Richard Heart was Richard James Schueler. But later, he is known by the mane of Richard Heart. Richard Heart was very intelligent since his childhood. He started reading books at an early age. In childhood, Childs was play and fun, but Richard Heart was a studious child who was more interested in learning things. 

He attended his primary school only for two days, and later he was transferred to a new for learning advanced things. His admission was to a gifted institution. 

When he got admission from primary to secondary school, he participated in a program called MEGSSS (Math Education for Gifted Secondary School Students). He has also learned some advanced things like programming, mathematics, etc.

He has completed his graduation in Computer Science. After that, he started his career in the finance sector. 

Richard Heart HEX Net Worth

Richard Heart Net Worth
Richard Heart Net Worth

Richard is the founder of HEX. HEX was founded on December 2, 2019. Hex is a cryptocurrency that allows its users to earn interest. It also gives rewards to its users who hold HEX for a long period of time. Gradually, many started knowing HEX and buying. In this way, it has gained more popularity and become one of the best savings accounts among all the cryptocurrencies.

Richard Heart Personal Life

There is no information available on the internet about Richard’s Wife and girlfriend. Because Richard Heart never revealed his personal life on social media. He never talked about his family and relationships. Even we don’t know where he lives or if he is single or married.

We don’t have any data on whether he has a girlfriend. He just said on social media that he has many expensive cars, and Richard likes to collect more.

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Richard Heart Net Worth

People are curious about Richard Heart’s earnings. Previously Richard Heart invested in cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin. He earned a lot of money by buying these cryptocurrencies. In this way, his wealth gets a boost. He has also earned millions of dollars from HEX. 

Richard also created Pulse Chain. Richard creates Pulse Chain by copying the cryptocurrency Ethereum and making this Pulse Chain cheaper. Richard Heart has made millions through this. Pulse Chain has the strong potential to grow.

Richard Life History

Richard wrote a book named decisive, which was spread in 2018. This book was based on self-improvement. He is an expert in his interesting field. He became so popular because he shared precious information with his viewers. This thing lets them people connect with him.

Richard Heart Age

Richard Heart is 43 as of 2023. He was born in 1979 in Pittsburgh.


Hey guys, I hope you all read the complete article. In this article, we discover all major topics like Richard Heart’s net worth, the founder of HEX, and Pulse Chain. Both start-ups are successful, and he earns a lot of money through them. Even other users are also making money by buying HEX and PulseChain. He is an intelligent guy. He has a good IQ level and resolves his matters by himself. He is living a luxurious life. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Richard Heart make a lot of money?

Richard Heart has opened multiple start-ups. HEX and PulseChain are successful start-ups of Richard Heart, and he has earned lots of wealth through these start-ups.

Where was Richard Heart born?

Richard Heart was born on December 9, 1979, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

What is the net worth of Richard Heart?

The net worth of Richard Heart is 500 million dollars.

Who is Richard Heart’s wife?

There is no data available on the internet about Richard Heart’s wife and girlfriend. Because he has never revealed any information about 

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