Surat Textile Share Price target 2023 to 2030

Hello all, you are most welcome to this interesting article, i.e., Surat Textile Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030. In this article, we will share with you some basic fundamentals of the company, the company’s financial trends, and the expected share price target for the upcoming years so that you can make a good decision about whether you want to involve in it. 

Surat Textile is a penny stock company. There are chances that it can give multi-bagger returns to its investors. In this blog post, we analyze Surat Textiles’ fundamentals and know the potential of this company. 

If you are scrolling through this article, somewhere, you are interested in knowing the expected price targets for the upcoming years. Stay connected with us up to the last of this article. I hope this article clears all your queries. Let’s get started.

About Surat Textile

Surat Textile Mills Limited is one of the leading companies of Textile in India, and it was founded in 1962 in Surat. It produces many products, including polyester filament yarns, textured yarns, partially oriented yarns, etc. Previously, it is known for manufacturing polyester-based textiles. Its manufacturing plant is available in Suart. 

Its products are amazing and used in industrial textiles, home textiles, technical textiles, etc. This is a well-known company, and it is known for its quality products. It uses innovative technology for manufacturing products and strongly focuses on protecting the environment. It has plenty of happy customers, and many users want to become its investors after seeing the popularity of Surat Textile Mills Limited. Now, it is trading on BSE.

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Surat Textile Financial Trends

Surat Textile Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030

Surat Textile Share Price Target 2023

Before investing in any company, we see its past performance and know how much return it has given to its customers. Surat Textile has given its investors negative returns of -625 and -23% in the past few months or years. The expected Surat Textile share price target in 2023 could reach INR 8.80 as a minimum and INR 9 as a maximum. If you want to become an investor in this company, think deeply because the chances of losing money will increase. So, invest your money wisely. You can look at other stock companies with strong fundamentals and the potential to grow up to a higher level.

Surat Textile Share Price Target 2025 & 2030

The expected Surat Textiles share price target 2025 could be INR 13 and INR 14. You can buy shares when the stock price is low, but the company’s fundamentals are not going well. Other factors, such as ROE and EPS, are also not up to the level. You don’t have to buy these shares. Here, the risk factor is more.

The expected Surat Textile share price target 2030 could be INR 46 as the minimum target and INR 50 as the maximum target. This company needs to improve its fundamentals and other major factors to gain profit. In the past two years, it has not made any profit. Although, its profit was in negative. 

Is it worth to but Surat Textile Shares?

After seeing the company’s current situation, many famous investors quit buying Surat Textiles shares. Its performance has been very bad in the past few years. It has not given good returns. The point is clear: if you invest in this stock, there are no chances of higher returns.

In the future, if Surat Textiles develops its core fundamentals, financial factors, etc., you can see a growth change in this company.

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In this article, we have discussed the expected share price target for the upcoming years. These price targets are based on predictions. If you are interested in the stock market and want to be a part of the stock market, this is good. You can start your career as an investor but conduct a depth research about any company before investing.

Here, in this company, the current condition is very bad. Although, the stock price can fall or go down anytime. It’s not a suggestion for you to invest in this company right now. Do research by yourself and observe all the factors wisely.

I hope you like this information; you can share it with your friends. If you want to read any other stocks, let us know in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the CEO of the Surat Textile Mills Limited?

Shri Alok P. Shah is the CEO and the founder of Surat Textiles Mills Limited.

Is Surat Textile can become a multi-bagger company in the upcoming years?

It’s very typical to say that any stock can become a multi-bagger. Because we can give you the exact information for the upcoming time, things can change from time to time. If we see the performance of Surat Textiles, then it’s good, and it is fundamentally and technically a very strong company. It can give you high returns in the future.

Is Surat Textiles a debt-free company?

Right now, Surat Textile is not a debt-free company. It has a small debt of around INR 0.45 Cr.

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