TV18 Share Price Target

TV18 Share Price Target 2025 to 2030

You all are most welcome to another fantastic article, i.e., TV18 share price target 2025, 2026, and 2030. This article will discuss TV18 fundamentals, financial trends, expected share price targets, etc.

In today’s world, TV18 plays an important role. Most people use TV18 when they want to watch any entertainment episode or know about any news. This type of industry is always profitable. But it has not given high returns to its investors. We are going to analyze TV Broadcast Ltd. and will see what will be the target price for the upcoming years. Stay connected till the end to know the complete information. 

TV18 Share Price Target
TV18 Share Price Target 2025

About TV18 Broadcast Limited

TV18 Broadcast Ltd. is one of the leading organizations in India. It was established in 1999, and its headquarters is in Mumbai. It deals with different types of content, including entertainment, news, media, etc. It has several channels, including Color TV, CNN-News 18, CNBE-News 18, News 18 Kannada, News 18 Urdu, News 18 Odia, News 18 Lokmat, and many more. TV 18 is one of the subsidiaries of Network 18. It is a publicly-traded company.

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It has a great business model. It has been generating revenue from multiple channels, including satellite television providers, advertising, and subscription fees from cable. It produces and distributes its television content and generates revenue by selling branded merchandise. It delivers quality content to its users for better engagement. In this way, advertisers attract to this industry for advertising their content.

TV18 Financial Trends

2019INR 167 CrINR 4,943 Cr
2020INR 5,175 CrINR 242 Cr
2021INR 4,498 CrINR 456 Cr
2022INR 5,526 CrINR 585 Cr
TV18 Share Price Target 2025

TV18 Share Price Target 2023, 2034, 2035, 2026, and 2030

TV18 Share Price Target 2025
TV18 Share Price Target 2025
YearExpected Share Price Target
TV18 share price target 2023INR 30
TV18 share price target 2024NR 35
0TV18 share price target 2025NR 39
TV18 share price target 2026NR 45
TV18 share price target 2027NR 50
TV18 share price target 2028NR 57
TV18 share price target 2029NR 64
TV18 share price target 203NR 75
TV18 Share Price Target 2025

TV18 Share Price Target 2023

If we see the past performance of TV18 Broadcast Limited, it was not good at all. It has given its customers very low or negative returns in the past year. But it is expected that it can give high returns to its customers in the upcoming time. The Ist target could reach INR 30, and the second could be INR 31.

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TV18 Share Price Target 2024

Book Value28
P/E Ratio25
TV18 Share Price Target 2025

This company has strong fundamentals, and it has the potential to reach higher levels. Its financial background is also good. The expected TVV18 share price target 2024 will be INR 35 and INR 36.

TV18 Share Price Target 2025

As discussed above, it has a good financial background, as it has been making profits in the last few years. But it has given low returns to its customers. But its chances to grow is higher because the stock price depends on multiple factors, including financial factor, market factor, product portfolio, etc. This company is doing well if we see all these factors.

The expected TV18 share price target 2025 could be INR 39 and INR 42. The nature of stock prices is volatile. It can reach higher or lower levels suddenly. So, if you want to become an investor, mark this in your mind.

TV18 Share Price Target 2030

This company has less debt, which is a good point. It has been making profits and saving money because it has less debt. It can give higher returns to its investors. The expected TV18 share price target 2030 could be INR 75 and INR 80. If all things go well, then it can cross INR 80.


Hey guys, this is the prediction TV18 share price target. These targets are expected. There is no surety that TV18 will reach these. If you want to invest in this company, observe all the factors that affect the stock price, like financial factors, company debt, equity, etc.

If you take advice from a financial advisor, it will be a plus point for you. Because the risk factor is also present in investing, note one thing, never invest by taking a loan. If you have extra money, then you can invest. I hope you all like this information. Share this article in your friend circle. You can tell by commenting if you want a prediction on any topic

Frequently Asked Questions

Is TV18 good to buy?

Suppose we see all the factors; that is all fine. But it’s a typical question whether you want to buy TV18 shares because we can not predict the exact price.

IS TV18 a debt-free company?

Right now, it is not a debt-free company. Its debt is around INR 1,469 Cr.

What will be the TV18 target price target 2025?

The expected share price target for 2025 will be around INR 39, which can reach even higher.

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