“How to Break an Arm,” Becomes Russia’s top Google Search After Putin Gives Four Hours To Resign From Families  

“How to Break an Arm,” Becomes Russia’s top Google Search After Putin Gives Four Hours To Resign From Families

Putin has on Wednesday formally ordered the first mobilisation of Russia.

After Russian the president Vladimir Putin announced that he will send his Russian citizens in the fight against Ukraine this week “how you can break your arm in the home” was the top Google topic in Russia. The Russians also purchased one-way flight tickets out of Russia following the announcement, according to New York Post. In a statement the president Putin as well as military leaders stated that 300,000 reservists will be immediately recruited to fight in the unprovoked war after the conflicting country lost significant territory in Ukraine due to recent counterattacks according to the report.

Putin on Wednesday announced Russia’s first mobilization after World War Two and backed the idea of annexing large areas of Ukraine warning the West that he wasn’t joking when he claimed he was prepared to make use of nuclear weapons to defend Russia.

Russians were given just four hours to leave the country. Russians were given only four hours to take their luggage and say goodbye for their loved ones, according an Metro.uk report. Many people have tried to leave the country, and there were five-hour long lines at the border into Finland, Georgia, and Mongolia. The lucky ones were able to get the flight, however, some were denied entry regardless of their had tickets or visas.

The cost of tickets to fly from Moscow reached over $5,000 for tickets that go one-way to the closest foreign destinations and most tickets to fly out completely within the next few days. Social media forums were popping up with suggestions on how to leave Russia as one news website in Russian offered an idea of “where you can run immediately away from Russia.” Long tailbacks were reported at the border crossings between Russia and Georgia according to Reuters.

Western military analysts have stated that Russia is facing severe shortages of manpower in the Ukraine battlefield as a result of massive losses. Russian nationalists have been calling for some sort of mobilization that would inject fresh energy into what they have described as a stuttering war.

Ukraine began its own mobilization program two days prior to Russia’s February. 24 military invasion. It shortly thereafter, it declared martial law, which prohibits men of 18-60 years old to leave the nation. The country is currently in its fourth round of mobilization. The precise number of reservists mobilised in Ukraine is unknown, however the official statements suggest that it is at minimum 400,000.

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