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Arvind Kejriwal at NDTV Townhall, a special interactive programme, in Ahmedabad.


Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal today walked around the question if he’s in “Ekla Chalo” (‘I walk alone’) mode amid efforts towards Opposition unity for 2024. “Gathering political leaders will not make an alliance that can make India number one. We must gather all 130 crore people of India to make this country number one,” he said, repeating the tagline of his new mission to go national.

“I am not against anyone,” the Delhi Chief Minister said, speaking at the NDTV Townhall in Ahmedabad. “But I don’t understand this politics of making or breaking alliances. I don’t get all that. That’s for them to do,” he said on the efforts by Bihar’s Nitish Kumar and West Bengal’s Mamata Banerjee, among others, to make a “rainbow alliance” against the BJP.

With the Gujarat audience in mind ahead of this year’s elections, Mr Kejriwal pushed to keep the conversation about what he terms his only agenda: “Call me if you want schools, hospitals built. If you want roads, or if your power supply isn’t working, you can call me. I’ll fix all that. I an engineer from IIT.”

The AAP has set itself the goal to unseat the BJP in Gujarat, buoyed by its recent victory in Punjab, where it formed its first state government outside of Delhi.

“If you ask me about how alliances will work, about seat adjustment… all that is beyond me,” Mr Kejriwal repeatedly said.  

Mr Kejriwal was one of the leaders whom Nitish Kumar met earlier this month on his Opposition unity tour to Delhi. Mr Kumar, who recently dumped the BJP to form a new government in Bihar, also met Congress leader Rahul Gandhi.

But Mr Kejriwal today took a pointed jibe at Rahul Gandhi and underlined his aversion to the Congress, a party he deems “inconsequential” and “finished” despite that fact that it remains the largest Opposition party in Parliament.

“Frankly, you tell me… Do you need me to weaken the Congress? Isn’t Rahul Gandhi sufficient?,” he quipped, responding to allegations that AAP is BJP’s B-Team that weakens the Congress and other Opposition parties by dividing anti-BJP votes. 

About Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’ that aims to claim the anti-BJP space, Mr Kejriwal responded with a smile: “Good, let them do it, everyone should do something good. I wish them luck.”

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