India vs Pakistan: Did Rahul Dravid Hesitate At Using The Word “Sexy” In A Press Conference?

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Team India head coach Rahul Dravid was all praise for his side’s bowling attack ahead of their Asia Cup Super 4 encounter against arch-rivals Pakistan. While addressing a press conference, Dravid was talking about how while India’s bowling attack may not look as glamourous, they get the job done. While trying to explain this, he got stuck at a word, but showed quick wit to get the message across without uttering it.

Dravid was asked about Pakistan’s bowling lineup doing well against India, and while he admitted that they had a good lineup, he also defended his bowlers.

“Yes, they bowled well, I won’t deny that. Of course they are a good bowling side. But we also bowled well to restrict them to 147,” Dravid said.

“Yes, sometimes in the numbers, it will show that someone bowled at 145 kmph, someone at 147 kmph, but at the end of the day, bowling analysis is most important.”

“Whether you are bowling at 135 or 145 or 125, whether you are swinging the ball or not, you are judged by the results,” Dravid said.

“And bowling analysis of our fast bowlers was also pretty good. So I respect their bowling, certainly, but I am very confident that we have a very good bowling attack as well,” he said.

He then started off on his next sentence “Might not be as..” and then stopped.

“Wanted to use the word, but I can’t use that word, the word in my mind is coming out of my mouth, but I can’t use it,” Dravid said, to the amusement of the reporters present.

A reporter asked if the word he wanted to use was “exuberant”.

“No, not ‘exuberant’. It’s a little bit… four letters, starts with ‘S’, but ok,” he said, drawing more laughs from those present.

“We might not look glamorous, but we have got some guys who produce results,” Dravid concluded his answer.


India bowled out Pakistan in their opening match and then kept Hong Kong 40 runs below their total.

However, the team did receive a big blow in the form of a knee injury ruling star all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja out of the remainder of the tournament.

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