Popular Front (PFI) Faces Karnataka Ban, Court Action After Raids



22 PFI leaders and functionaries were arrested in Kerala — the most among all states.

Here’s a 10-point guide to this huge news

  1. In announcing that forced shutdowns were banned earlier by the court The court urged for the Kerala administration to take firm actions against those who breached the order. In January, the Kerala High Court had in January stated that no one could call for a protest shut down within the state with out having a advance notice of seven days.

  2. In Karnataka the state home minister Araga Jnanendra has said the process to end PFI is already in progress. State police have searched 18 places on Tuesday and fifteen people were picked to be questioned the minister said. He also said that seven people were detained through police from the National Investigation Agency (NIA).

  3. In 2006 In 2006, the PFI is a non-profit organisation that aims to promote the empowerment of communities that are marginalized in India. It promotes those rights for Dalits, Muslims, and tribals.

  4. Law enforcement agencies assert that PFI promotes radical Islam and is recruiting for terrorist outfits. PFI was a target of the government agencies following an incident in which its members cut off the hands of a college professor in Kerala because they believed it hurt the sentiments of religious believers.

  5. The NIA on Thursday morning searched the premises that are linked to PFI in various states. More than 100 high-ranking PFI executives and officials were detained during raids in 10 states including Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka along with Tamil Nadu.

  6. The raids were executed by the NIA as well as The Enforcement Directorate (ED), and the state police, in a coordinated manner. The group had demanded the dawn-to-dusk protest on the state of Kerala on Friday in order to show their protest.

  7. In what is widely believed as one of the “largest ever” ever crackdown to the present, searches and raids are underway against those suspected of terrorist funding, organizing training camps, and encouraging people to become part of extremist organizations. 22 people were detained in Kerala which is the most in all states.

  8. Intense protests which included stone pelting have been reported since early Friday morning in different parts of Kerala as the dawn-to-dusk-strike initiated by PFI is in full swing. Police officers suffered injuries in the Kollam district, after being allegedly assaulted with stones by PFI supporters. The strike began around 6 am, and will last until 6 midnight.

  9. Supporters of the strike carried to the streets in protest, blocked vehicles, and slammed the shutters of stores in various locations where the group has a significant presence. Apart from cops, several drivers of trucks and buses, as well as commuters, sustained injuries by stones thrown at them.

  10. The PFI Kerala state committee has declared that it views that the detentions “unjust” in addition to being “part of the atrocities committed in the State”. “A hartal (strike) will be in the state on the 23rd of September Friday, in protest against the fascist regime controlled by the RSS to make use of central agencies to silence those who speak out against it,” it said. The PFI also urged “democratic adherents” to succeed in this strike to defeat an “fascist regime that stifles the rights of civil society”.

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