From Sonia Gandhi to Ashok Gehlot before Congress elections

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New Delhi:

Sonia Gandhi has indicated to Ashok Gehlot that she won’t take any sides in the Congress president elections and the process will be neutral, a senior party leader said today.

The interim Congress president has indicated to Ashok Gehlot that the elections should be neutral and there will be no endorsement of any candidate, KC Venugopal said.

“This has been conveyed, I cannot say about who will contest,” he told NDTV.

Ashok Gehlot, who is frontrunner for Congress president, met with Sonia Gandhi this evening amid reports that he is reluctant to give up the post of Rajasthan Chief Minister.

Mr Gehlot says he will try to persuade Rahul Gandhi to change his mind about opting out and return to the post he quit in 2019 after the Congress’s defeat in the national election.

If not, he will file his nomination on Monday. His rival will be Shashi Tharoor, who had earlier got Sonia Gandhi’s go-ahead to run for Congress president.

Mr Gehlot is concerned that if he moves to a national role, his replacement as Rajasthan Chief Minister will be Sachin Pilot, whose rebellion nearly brought down his government.

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