How to create a YouTube Channel – A Beginner’s Guide

How to start a youtube Channel

How to start a youtube Channel

Do you want to make money from YouTube Channel? Nowadays, users are increasing day by day. Plenty of people makes their YouTube channel every single day. Some start their YouTube channel dedicatedly but some just create by seeing others.

If you have watched someone’s YouTube channel, his channel is growing rapidly. Suppose he uploads entertainment videos on his YouTube channel. And he is making entertainment videos because he has the skill of making funny videos. By seeing his YouTube channel, this idea of making funny videos came into your mind and you decide to create a YouTube channel. And if you don’t have an expressive personality then you will not be able to make videos.

I am not saying you can not make valuable videos. I am saying choose according to your interest and expertise. So that you can add more value to your videos. Have you observed that these days people prefer watching videos rather than reading blogs. So, start making videos and upload them on your YouTube channel. Because YouTube is a platform where many people do their own businesses by giving value in videos and earning a lot of money.

Hey! You can also do this.

What does it cost?

Hurrah! You don’t have to spend a single rupee to create a YouTube channel. It’s totally free. You can create your YouTube channel now. Because making a YouTube channel is very easy. If you don’t know anything about how to create a YouTube channel then watch one quality video on YouTube and you will be able to make your own channel.

Choose a good name for your channel that suits your video content. Write a clear description about your channel and link all your social profiles on your YouTube channel.

Initially, don’t spend money on buying the camera, microphone, lighting, as well. If you have a smart phone then use your phone. If you have a budget to buy all of these then you can.

Is a YouTube Channel necessary?

Yes, a YouTube channel is necessary if you have your own business. YouTube is a free platform where anyone can upload videos and share with anyone on any of the social media platforms. In 2021, video marketing has grown by upto 87%.

We also observed, video demand is increasing. That’s why most businesses choose to make Youtube videos. So that they can scale their business from bottom to high.

I am personally recommending you to upload quality videos. Because quality videos grab the attention of the audience. If you are continuously uploading invaluable videos on your youtube then no one will engage with your videos and YouTube will stop showing your videos in the feed peoples.

How can you create a money making YouTube channel?

There are certain factors that affect the growth of a YouTube channel. Make sure your YouTube channel is correctly set up. Always make high quality videos with proper tags, title, and description. Put an attractive thumbnail on your videos. Put a decent photo on your profile. Make videos on a particular niche. Don’t make videos on different niches. If you do like this then your channel will not grow.

If you want to get organic traffic from YouTube then you can use some free keyword research tools that are available on the internet such as Tubebuddy, vidiq. You can search any keyword on these tools. Always choose searchable keywords and use these keywords in title, tags, and description. And views will start coming automatically on your videos.

Consistency is also the most important factor that affects the growth of YouTube channels. When you create a YouTube channel then after upload videos regularly. So that you can gain some views. After uploading quality videos continuously for several months then after you can see a drastic change in the growth of your youTube channel.

How you can set up a YouTube channel

Hey guys, now you have read all the above information about the YouTube channel. Now, I am going to discuss with you a professional guide for creating a YouTube channel. If you follow this guide then definitely you will be able to set up your youTube channel properly.

  1. Create your account

If you already have a Gmail account then you can make your channel from this email or you can make another one gmail for making a YouTube channel. Login to your account on YouTube and click on the option “create a YouTube channel”. Before choosing the name of your channel, think once which type of videos you will upload. Choose a name that is related to your content or you can also give your name to your channel. After creating a YouTube channel, click on the customize channel. Put a profile photo on your YouTube that matches your content.

  1. Update Name and YouTube channel and description

Write a short and clear description about your channel. So that users can understand which topic your YouTube channel is related to. You can link your social profiles on your channel. If you are running a blog then you can also get massive traffic from YouTube channels. Many people are already taking traffic from YouTube channels. YouTube is a free video platform, you just have to upload videos.

  1. Upload videos

Now, the last is to upload video on your channel. All these factors affect the growth of Youtube channels, whatever I have discussed above but content is the main point that can enhance your channel growth. Because come to your YouTube channel to see your videos. If they get quality content then they will engage otherwise they will leave.

Do you know how to upload a video on a channel? If not then no issues. I am discussing with you the steps of uploading videos. Firstly, save your videos on your desktop, laptop or phone then open your account on YouTube and click on the create button that you can see in the corner of your screen. After you will see the button “select file”. Select your file and simply click on the upload button.

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